Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Double Happy Ending - Jane (adopted 5/2014) and Joey (formerly Rocky, adopted 8/2014)

Update Received March 2015Thought it was time I gave you an update on how two of your wonderful dogs are doing in their forever home.  In May of 2014 I adopted Jane from your group,  to be followed by Joey in August. Both of them are doing great!

Joey is such a joy -- he still has some issues with his defecation...but it's really easily managed by very regular food amounts and schedules.  He also seems to have some residual pain in his back end that surfaces from time to time.  I had him in to the vet for a complete checkup and he believes that it's just age and probably some nerve damage  -- nothing that requires any major treatment other than managing the pain.  It's very easy for me to tell when Joey is having a bad day so I now have medication to give him on an as needed basis and it's working very well.  We also did a complete blood workup on him and he's in excellent health.  He still loves his blankets and stuffed toy bone...and he's finally decided it's ok to share the furniture with the cat,  as you can see in the attached pics!

Jane has been a big surprise.  When she first came to me she was so quiet.  She was a very good dog,  but very subdued -- didn't make any sounds,  didn't play with toys...just mainly tried to stay out of the way, it seemed.   Over time she has completed turned into a different dog -- she talks and even barks when she's happy...and has a smile that strangely looks almost like a snarl but it's easy to tell from her body language that she's just joyful.  It's been so fun to see her true personality come out -- she's discovered squeaky toys....the smaller the better. Annie (my Yorkie) has many many toys and Jane started carrying them around (Annie doesn't mind sharing)..I bought a couple larger ones for her but she seems to prefer the tiny ones -- very funny.   She's lost about 15 lbs and I think she just feels better -- she flies out the back door and bounds across the yard..keeping those pesky squirrels where they belong.  She now weighs 55 lbs which the vet says is just right for her.

So please pass this along to anyone who knew these two dogs...I couldn't be happier.  Sadly I lost my 16.5 yr old Peke-a-poo Betsy in December..and these two helped me so much in getting through that.


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