Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Happy Ending Update for Bev (Adopted 4/2013)

Update Received May 2015: Bev is a survivor!  She has been with us in her forever home for more than two years now, and loves finally living the life of a princess! Back in '13 her foster parents began the patient work of detraumatizing her, so she was willing to be petted by the time I adopted her. However, she was still in high anxiety mode as she began her new life of two walks per day to get into shape. During the next six months she transformed from a tense, tail-held-high-on-alert dog to the relaxed, friendly dog she really is. The neighbor kids love to pet her, and she is comfortable now around the dogs she knows.

She learned that sleeping on the couch and the bed are heaven, and she cuddles with me frequently. Bev went from being a dog who didn't know how to use that smart Lab brain of hers to learning Konnichiwa! and several other tricks, and she has grown to actually like the cats too.

Bev has aged a lot this year--she's elevenish, but she still loves her twice daily, if shorter and slower, walks. She gets a little stiff and sometimes needs help getting up on the wooden floors, but she trusts us 100% to lift up that big tummy of hers. Bev is our wondergirl! 

One More Double Happy Ending

Sydney (adopted 8/2008) and Gabby (adopted 9/2012)

Update received May 2015: Thought I'd drop a line to tell you how Gabby and Sydney are doing.  We moved to the UK bringing both Sydney and Gabby with us, and are now happily settled in West Linton, Scotland. 

Gabby and Syd enjoy the huge front yard and stream running along the perimeter. Gabby loves to scout for critters along the bank, while Syd keeps watch. Both love chasing the pigeons that dare to land, and play with lots of local dogs on the park across the street. Sydney is finally calming down around farm animals (which is good as we're surrounded by countryside full of sheep, horses and highland cows); Gabby likes the horses so much, she gave one a kiss! 

Attached are a few recent photos, including Gabby thoroughly enjoying being off-leash on one of the few snowfalls we've seen since we moved over.

Another Double Happy Ending

Here are some great pictures of Ogema (shepherd mix) and Nika (yellow lab).  Ogema was adopted in February of 2012, and this spring her mom decided to sign up as a foster.  Nika was her first foster, and it was love at first sight.  Her foster home became her forever home in March of 2015.

Happy Ending Update for Arya (Formerly Honey, Adopted 12/2014)

Update received March 2015Arya quickly stole our hearts and became a wonderful addition to our family. We quickly learned that she is an escape artist - she has escaped crates and baby gates on multiple occasions but we can never stay mad at her because she is so adorable - and quite frankly, we are impressed! She is very smart, she quickly learned she is not allowed on couches, on the bed or in certain rooms even when we leave the doors open (along with basic commands). She recently won "fastest sit" at puppy kindergarten graduation! 

She loves playing with her cousin Tate (chocolate lab) and her friends, she has endless amounts of energy and is always up for making new friends (she is very outgoing). Arya also enjoys chasing after leaves and just discovered her love for finding and chewing on sticks. She recently learned how to go from laying down, to jumping in the air to catch a ball which has been super fun! She is a huge cuddle bug and whenever one of us lays down on our love sac she joins us as the "small spoon" within minutes and begins snoring away. If you are laying down on the couch she will instantly come up to  your face and beg you to come join her, and who can resist those baby blue eyes and face?? 

Thank you so much for making it possible for her to join our family, you are amazing for all that you do and I'm sure in a few years we will end up adopting Arya a brother or sister from you!

Happy Ending Update for Bergen (Formerly Bon Jovi, Adopted 2/2015)

Update received March 2015: We just love having him in our family--he fits right in! He is doing really well with potty-training and it's getting better with the nicer weather. We started a puppy class and he made some nice new friends. He is getting big, though. I can barely pick him up anymore!