Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy Ending Update for Charlie (Formerly Eli, Adopted 12/2016)

Charlie enjoying the holiday season with his new family!

Happy Ending Update for Gracie (Formerly Minnie, Adopted 11/2016)

Gracie is enjoying her first holiday season with her new family!  All Dog Rescue helped make our holidays just a little brighter this year!

Happy Ending Update for Cash (Adopted 3/2014)

Just a little update on our beloved Cash.   He is living the good life!   He goes swimming everyday. He is very smart and funny.  I don't think he could have a better life.  For being a bigger dog he needs a lot of exercise. 

Happy Ending Update for Bella (Formerly Pixie, Adopted 7/2016)

We renamed Pixie, Bella and it fits her to a "T"! She's very snuggly, playful and happy. She has also finally taught Pancho how to play!