Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Double "Happily Ever After"

In August 2013, I fell in love with a picture of a little guy named Truman (age 6.5) on the All Dog Rescue site.  But, I had a miniature schnauzer named Molly (age 10) who didn't like to share me.  I decided to take a chance and brought Molly to the Cities to meet Truman.  I knew it would be her decision if he came to live with us.  To my surprise, the meeting went great and that day we were headed back home, a family of three. 

Adding Truman to our family was easy.  He let Molly be in charge, which was her favorite thing to do - boss people/dogs around.  They became brother and sister.  And I became the proud mom of two amazing and loving dogs.

Unfortunately, Truman and I lost Molly this past January.  The house was too quiet, our hearts were broken and we were lonely even though we had each other.  I knew another dog would join our family, but I didn't think it would happen as fast as it did.  

I once again fell in love with a picture of an adorable little girl on the All Dog Rescue site.  On January 31st, Truman and I drove to the Cities to meet Maria (age 8.5).  Again, I knew it would be up to Truman if Maria would be coming home with us and after a great meeting, we drove home, a family of three once again.

Truman and Maria are great friends.  Truman loves using Maria as a pillow and she doesn't seem to mind.  They walk well together and Maria loves trying to bite Truman's ears while he's walking.  We love walking in the woods with our friends and Maria enjoys running around with everyone.  She makes me smile and has an amazing way of healing my heart and Truman's. We are both so happy to have Maria in our lives and feel very lucky to have found her -or did she find us? 

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