Sunday, August 14, 2016

Happy Ending Update for Zamboni (Formerly Popeye, Adopted 6/2015)

Zamboni passed his Canine Good Citizen test a few weeks ago!

Happy Ending Update for June (Formerly Martini, Adopted 6/2015)

We brought home our lab mix, June, about a year ago when she was eight weeks old.  She has grown into a lovely dog and we think she is the best. Her favorite activities are hiking, going to the dog park, lounging at home, and trying to play with our two cats.  In the winter, she loved the snow and never missed an opportunity to join us on the cross-country ski trail. Now that it's summer, she takes every chance to get in the water and even jumps off the dock at the lake.
She has a voracious appetite and is quite an athlete, but has remained a petite 45 pounds or so. She gets to go on lots of adventures and is well-behaved and adaptable to new situations. She is friendly and eager to meet new dogs and people, especially kids.  Most importantly, she is a sweet, loyal, and much loved family member.

Thanks to All Dog Rescue and especially her foster mom for helping us connect with June!

Happy Ending Update for Ruby (Adopted 2/2012)

We just had Ruby’s DNA completed. One parent was a Alaskan Malamute/lab mix and the other parent was a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrior/Collie/German Shepard. She’s the best dog!!

Happy Ending Update for Remington (Formerly Largo, Adopted 2/2016)

We can't put into words how much we love and adore Remington aka Remi, formerly known as Largo. He is the sweetest boy, and loves to snuggle up close. 
We adopted Remi in February, and his training was mighty quick. He had a few accidents, but has since learned to sit by the sliding door when he needs to go out. He knows how to sit, lay down and catch treats that are tossed in the air! He is relatively mellow when he is outside in the backyard, and often sits on the deck, or in the grass watching birds. He has learned to walk nicely on a leash, and loves his afternoon strolls with mom, dad and his new brother, Jax.

On the weekends, Remi has become quite the lake/cabin dog. He LOVES to swim and fetch balls in the watch. He also loves going for ride in the pontoon! He definitely needs the full week to recoup and take some nice naps. 
We are so blessed that Remi became a part of our family. His personality and sweet and gentle demeanor is all we could ever want. He finally feels as if our home is now his home, and he has become such a happy and loving part of the family. 

Happy Ending Update for Diesel (Adopted 1/2014)

After 6 years together and 2 years with Diesel we couldn’t be happier to make our family official! 
Hoping for many more years with our buddy celebrating the big moments in life with us! Still as happy and energetic as the day we adopted him! 

Happy Ending Update for Cash (Adopted 4/2014)

An update on our beloved Cash!  He sure is living the life.  He keeps us smiling.  He loves to chase balls and can persuade anyone to throw one for him.  He also loves to swim and gets to do that frequently in warm weather.  
He is always with Todd and as you can see from the photos a very handsome young boy.  Here's him with his best buddy Ozzie playing in the snow. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Happy Ending Update for Billy (Formerly Bilbo, Adopted 9/2015)

I have meant to send you an update on Bilbo for ages. He has become a very special part of our family. With me working from home, and Bilbo being so very easy to bring with places I am really pleased to say it is very rare he stays home alone. He is so well behaved (no barking, no weird habits) that we can take him basically everywhere! 
 He loves to be outside and sticks to us like glue when we are out. He still has some training to do but things like house training are a thing of the past. I can't even remember the last time he had an accident...he just tells us when he wants to go out. He's a smart dog. 
 And what a cuddler! We call him the Bilbwarmer, or The Bilb2000. He likes my sister's dogs but especially loves Aaron's parents bigger dogs and he gets to hang out about once a week with one or the other.  He has also developed no interest in my small animals -- not a lot of killer instinct which works perfectly for us. I've also noticed a generally less anxious attitude around new people, and it always makes everyone smile when he sneaks onto the lap of someone he just met or people he knows looking for that ever sought after petting.

Anyway just wanted to say how special he is and how good he is doing, and how happy we are to have him. We could not be feel luckier with this little guy. Thank you!

Happy Ending Update for Seymore (Adopted 2/2016)

 Wanted to share pics of our sweet boy with you!  He's 34.6 lbs now! He's going to be a big boy, yikes! Couldn't love him more. We're in our Puppy 2 class now and he's doing so great, super smart.
Thanks again for helping completing our family.

Happy Ending Update for Lincoln (Adopted 10/2015)

Our not so little Lincoln is now 8 months old! He's such a good boy!

Happy Ending Update for Atlas (Adopted 6/2015)

Atlas recently turned 1 year old so I thought I would send some pictures. The birthday pictures are from the conjoined birthday party we had for Atlas and his best puppy friend Winston the corgi.
 The other images are from the dog olympics that were hosted through our school's SCAVMA group in support of the St.Paul K9 unit. Atlas is doing great and we absolutely love him and can't wait for many more years of wonderful memories.

Happy Ending Update for Zamboni (Adopted 6/2015)

We just celebrated his 1st birthday last Thursday.  He is a busy, busy, busy guy!  He needs LOTS of exercise, so we go to the dog park daily for an hour, or he goes to doggy daycare  We are working on only chewing on things that are his. We love him. :)

Happy Ending Update for Margo (Formerly Mercedes, Adopted 1/2016)

Margo is absolutely wonderful! Your hurricane description is still very apt but we are doing our best to find ways she can channel that energy! We go to the dog park regularly which has been a lifesaver for everyone. 
We’re almost done with Round 1 of obedience training at TCOTC and she has responded fantastically, as you’d probably expect. She just came back from a weekend camping trip on the North Shore and had a great time being in the woods 24 hours a day. Margo is incredibly sweet and gentle with the baby and tries to engage Addie in play, but Addie is content to fetch and watch Margo from a safe distance. It’s a little hard to blame the old dog!
We’ve done a little digging and are pretty sure she is a Mountain Cur (and probably lab) mix. This explains the prey-drive a little more completely and also her unique physical features. She’s enjoyed the prey/“nature" traipsing through our backyard and spends most of her inside-time staring out the windows! We are so lucky to have Margo and hope she feels the same way about us!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Ending Update for Darwin (Formerly Zeke, Adopted 12/2015)

Darwin is still a super smart, sweet boy. He has done very well in his obedience class and is quick to learn things.

Happy Ending Update for Lego (Adopted 1/2016)

I wanted to give an update about our lovable little Lego! He is such a sweetheart. He got his last round of shots this week and they didn't even seem to phase him! We also started puppy classes so he could learn new things and meet other puppies his size. Prior to the classes he has already learned to sit, shake, and even high 5! 
The biggest challenge we have faced was potty training, but he is a rockstar and picked it up quite well! It was a tough adjustment from the pads to outdoors, but he has even learned to tell us now when he needs to go potty!
We feel so blessed to have Lego in our lives. He is such a cuddle bug and loves to give kisses all day long. He is doing amazing and we love watching him grow each and every day!
Thank you for bringing us Lego!

Happy Ending Update for Leo (formerly Zed, adopted 1/2016)

Leo (new name and so perfect for him) is honestly the best puppy ever. I love him so much! He's such a muffin.

He knows to sit, we're working on lay down and stay, but will play fetch for hours. I think we've had two accidents since he came home (one on day1) but otherwise he knows the scratch the door or pull his leash when he needs to go out. He learns super quickly.

Everyone in the building LOVES him and he's already got tons of puppy and people friends that he plays with almost every day, big and little dogs alike! It's incredible. He really gets along with everyone. He's walking on the leash really well, too. In fact, just yesterday on our walk we bumped into a couple with a 5-year old rescue they'd recently brought home who seemed a little nervous. Leo is really patient and within a minute the other dog was trying to play with him. It was really cool to see that.

He loves to hang out with me while I get ready in the morning! The above is a pic of him sitting between my feet while I did my makeup the other day before work Needless to say, he's been stepped on once or twice! But follows me everywhere nonetheless. 
He and Moqui have their moments but they're slowly learning to play with each other and share the space. They chase each other around the dog park when it's just the two of them. It is so fun to watch.


Happy Ending Update for Oscar (Formerly Zodiac, Adopted 1/2016)

As you can tell from these photos, Oscar is settling into his new home very well. 

He's making great strides with house training and commands. He knows lie down, sit, come, shake, fetch (sort of), go to his kennel--he can even rest a treat on his nose! He loved chasing, catching, and chewing ice cubes. 

Oscar plays well with other dogs. This is largely due to Animal Humane Society's playgroups--can't recommend it enough to new dog owners.

Oscar has brought so much joy into our lives. We couldn't be happier with our pup!


Happy Ending Update for Delta (Formerly Zuni, Adopted 12/2015)

I just wanted to give you another update on Delta.  She is doing WONDERFUL!!  She has an amazing, playful personality and everyone who has met her has instantly fallen in love - dogs and humans!    She LOVES playing with kids, and when she is tired she would actually rather snuggle up with them than me!  I was bypassed for my nephews the other weekend at bedtime!
She has gotten the potty training down and we haven't had an accident in weeks!  It's been great.  Still working on the mouthing/nipping, but that's the puppy life!!  

She also started her first puppy kindergarten class in January, and we have now moved onto another - Senior puppy kindergarten.  Looking forward to beginner obedience training next, after she gets to be 6 months old!  She is turning out to be a very smart girl. - also a mama's girl, as you can see from some of the pictures.  We have a great bond - maybe she'll even start listening to me at some point!  

I also caved in and got her DNA tested:  Delta is an American Staffordshire Terrier and Germany Shepherd/American Bulldog mix.  A great mix if you ask me!   

Thanks again so much for allowing me to adopt her - she has absolutely completed my life!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Happy Ending Update for Kato (Formerly Zamboni, Adopted 12/2015)

Update Received January 2016: Kato is doing really great! Potty and crate training is going really well and he's a great listener.  While he knows 'sit', we're still working on 'stay'. He really likes company and loves to snuggle.