Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Update Received March 2015: It's been almost a year since we adopted Morris/Murray, and just wanted to let you know he has been doing great.  After the initial shyness, he has really come into his personality.  Loves his walks, bones, racing around the house, and chasing the cats.  We really love that he is protective and interested in our new son,  who is 2 months old. Hope all is well at that there have been many more adoptions in the past year.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Ending for Jagger (formerly MacDonald, adopted 5/2014)

Update Received March 2015Hi All Dog team - I just saw a picture on Facebook of Jagger's brother and wanted to give you an update on our guy. Jagger has brought so much energy to our house - he is 80 pounds of puppy fun. He loves our three kids and goes out to the deck every day to wait for the bus so he can greet them. He enjoys being outside and is a pro at finding his tennis ball. We have had him just under a year now and he has taken us on an amazing adventure. He is very loved by his family.  Thank you so much for the work you do!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Double Happy Ending - Jane (adopted 5/2014) and Joey (formerly Rocky, adopted 8/2014)

Update Received March 2015Thought it was time I gave you an update on how two of your wonderful dogs are doing in their forever home.  In May of 2014 I adopted Jane from your group,  to be followed by Joey in August. Both of them are doing great!

Joey is such a joy -- he still has some issues with his defecation...but it's really easily managed by very regular food amounts and schedules.  He also seems to have some residual pain in his back end that surfaces from time to time.  I had him in to the vet for a complete checkup and he believes that it's just age and probably some nerve damage  -- nothing that requires any major treatment other than managing the pain.  It's very easy for me to tell when Joey is having a bad day so I now have medication to give him on an as needed basis and it's working very well.  We also did a complete blood workup on him and he's in excellent health.  He still loves his blankets and stuffed toy bone...and he's finally decided it's ok to share the furniture with the cat,  as you can see in the attached pics!

Jane has been a big surprise.  When she first came to me she was so quiet.  She was a very good dog,  but very subdued -- didn't make any sounds,  didn't play with toys...just mainly tried to stay out of the way, it seemed.   Over time she has completed turned into a different dog -- she talks and even barks when she's happy...and has a smile that strangely looks almost like a snarl but it's easy to tell from her body language that she's just joyful.  It's been so fun to see her true personality come out -- she's discovered squeaky toys....the smaller the better. Annie (my Yorkie) has many many toys and Jane started carrying them around (Annie doesn't mind sharing)..I bought a couple larger ones for her but she seems to prefer the tiny ones -- very funny.   She's lost about 15 lbs and I think she just feels better -- she flies out the back door and bounds across the yard..keeping those pesky squirrels where they belong.  She now weighs 55 lbs which the vet says is just right for her.

So please pass this along to anyone who knew these two dogs...I couldn't be happier.  Sadly I lost my 16.5 yr old Peke-a-poo Betsy in December..and these two helped me so much in getting through that.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Ending Update for Armani, Adopted September 2014

February, 2015: Everything is going great with Armani! He is getting so big!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Double "Happily Ever After"

In August 2013, I fell in love with a picture of a little guy named Truman (age 6.5) on the All Dog Rescue site.  But, I had a miniature schnauzer named Molly (age 10) who didn't like to share me.  I decided to take a chance and brought Molly to the Cities to meet Truman.  I knew it would be her decision if he came to live with us.  To my surprise, the meeting went great and that day we were headed back home, a family of three. 

Adding Truman to our family was easy.  He let Molly be in charge, which was her favorite thing to do - boss people/dogs around.  They became brother and sister.  And I became the proud mom of two amazing and loving dogs.

Unfortunately, Truman and I lost Molly this past January.  The house was too quiet, our hearts were broken and we were lonely even though we had each other.  I knew another dog would join our family, but I didn't think it would happen as fast as it did.  

I once again fell in love with a picture of an adorable little girl on the All Dog Rescue site.  On January 31st, Truman and I drove to the Cities to meet Maria (age 8.5).  Again, I knew it would be up to Truman if Maria would be coming home with us and after a great meeting, we drove home, a family of three once again.

Truman and Maria are great friends.  Truman loves using Maria as a pillow and she doesn't seem to mind.  They walk well together and Maria loves trying to bite Truman's ears while he's walking.  We love walking in the woods with our friends and Maria enjoys running around with everyone.  She makes me smile and has an amazing way of healing my heart and Truman's. We are both so happy to have Maria in our lives and feel very lucky to have found her -or did she find us? 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Ending Pictures for Lucy (Formerly Geisha Girl), Adopted 12/2014

Lucy's family sent in some pictures of their growing girl in February!

And here are a couple from December shortly after her adoption: 

Happy Ending Update for Tundra (Formerly Winter, Adopted January 2015)

Updated Received February 2015: Winter's name has changed to Tundra. We love him so much! He already knows how to sit, shake both paws, talk and kennel.  He is smart and sweet!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Ending for Mojo (Formerly Hawk), Adopted 12/2014

Update received February 2015: Hawk, who we now call Mojo after a longgg name discussion, is doing great!!! The naming process proved to be much harder than expected and finally i gave in and he is named after a type of duck decoys (courtesy of my fiance, haha). It is also sort of symbolic since it took him a while to break out of his shell or find his "mojo"...it is also the first two letters of my middle name and Jordan's first name, and since we got him on our anniversary... He has befriended a couple of my roommate's family dogs that visit from time to time, as well as his "cousins" - my family's dogs who he visits weekly. He has made multiple trips to the puppy store and done great. Leash/ walk training is going pretty good so far but we still have some work to do on not pulling (the opposite of our problem when we started). Although he still has some of his shy personality, he is much more outgoing and playful and is getting more and more open to new people and things! Here are a few pictures :)

Thanks again and thanks for all that you do for the animals!!!

Oh! He also went on his first few ice fishing adventures during our warm streak and he has so much fun riding around in his little blanketed sled and playing with the slush...he's still not sure what to think of the fish yet...