Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Ending Update for Yukon (Formerly Maserati, Adopted 10/2015)

Update Received January 2016: I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Yukon (formerly Maserati) so you can see what a handsome guy he's growing up to be! He's doing awesome and is such a great puppy. Plenty of personality, but really mellow and keeps his head about things. We all love him so much! At his vet visit this week (4 1/2 months) he's 40 lbs. Thanks again for what you did for him and all the pups you help.

Happy Ending Update for Kyra (Formerly Cinnamon, Adopted 12/2014)

Update Received January 2016: Hello, my name is Kyra (formerly Cinnamon). This past year has been great! I have wonderful family who love to take care of me and play with me. My neighbor Noxxi and I love to play outside together! But most of all I love trips up to the cabin. We go fishing, play with other dogs, go for walks and play fetch out on the sand point where I learned to swim! I am pretty sure next summer I am ready to drive the boat.  When I am relaxing I love to watch TV and cuddle with my mom and dad!  Thanks for helping me find my forever home I’m a very lucky doggie!!

Happy Ending Update for Darwin (Formerly Zeke, Adopted 12/2015)

Update Received January 2016: Everything is going very well with Zeke! We renamed him Darwin. He is fitting in very well with the family and older brother, Turbo. Turbo has been helpful in training him. He sleeps through the night without problems. Darwin is a very sweet, smart boy. He often looks like he is just calmly taking everything in. He already knows how to "sit" just from observing Turbo. Darwin tends to go with the flow. If the family is doing something quiet, he tends to be a quiet little snuggler. He also loves to play. He has done well with the holidays and family excursions. Over Christmas he took his first long car trip up to Brainerd for a few days.