Saturday, August 19, 2017

Happy Ending Update for Otto (formerly McDoogle, adopted 10/2012

It's been a few years since we adopted Otto. He has turned into our favorite dog ever. He is extremely quirky! He barks when he wants the fireplace turned on, as he loves to sit by any fire. He is not allowed in bed, but eye contact is considered an invite (to him). He runs like the Dickens and always is obedient. My sister in law took him for a walk and he refused to let her take a different route. He demands attention and gets it one way or another. He loves boat rides and playing in the  water. He sheds more than any dog I know! He still shy with strangers.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Happy Ending Update for Bear (Adopted 11/2016)

Bear is our cuddlier baby.  He loves being close and petted all the time.  He is overjoyed when I come back after being gone more than 15 minutes.  He sleeps with me on top of pillows I pile beside me (at first just to get them out of my way.  Now they are his bed). He loves the little Viking fleece blanket his foster mom gave us.  WWe love our BearBear!

Happy Ending Update for Woodstock (Adopted 1/2015)

It is hard to believe it has been almost 2 years since I adopted him. He has turned out to be a great dog. He Husky Talks more than any other Husky Something I've had. He and his older sister Kettu get along well. He has also turned into a Daddy's boy. Very Sweet. Thank you for helping me become  a Doggy Daddy again

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy Ending Update for Charlie (Formerly Eli, Adopted 12/2016)

Charlie enjoying the holiday season with his new family!

Happy Ending Update for Gracie (Formerly Minnie, Adopted 11/2016)

Gracie is enjoying her first holiday season with her new family!  All Dog Rescue helped make our holidays just a little brighter this year!

Happy Ending Update for Cash (Adopted 3/2014)

Just a little update on our beloved Cash.   He is living the good life!   He goes swimming everyday. He is very smart and funny.  I don't think he could have a better life.  For being a bigger dog he needs a lot of exercise. 

Happy Ending Update for Bella (Formerly Pixie, Adopted 7/2016)

We renamed Pixie, Bella and it fits her to a "T"! She's very snuggly, playful and happy. She has also finally taught Pancho how to play!