Tuesday, June 2, 2015

One More Double Happy Ending

Sydney (adopted 8/2008) and Gabby (adopted 9/2012)

Update received May 2015: Thought I'd drop a line to tell you how Gabby and Sydney are doing.  We moved to the UK bringing both Sydney and Gabby with us, and are now happily settled in West Linton, Scotland. 

Gabby and Syd enjoy the huge front yard and stream running along the perimeter. Gabby loves to scout for critters along the bank, while Syd keeps watch. Both love chasing the pigeons that dare to land, and play with lots of local dogs on the park across the street. Sydney is finally calming down around farm animals (which is good as we're surrounded by countryside full of sheep, horses and highland cows); Gabby likes the horses so much, she gave one a kiss! 

Attached are a few recent photos, including Gabby thoroughly enjoying being off-leash on one of the few snowfalls we've seen since we moved over.

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