Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Happy Ending Update for Bev (Adopted 4/2013)

Update Received May 2015: Bev is a survivor!  She has been with us in her forever home for more than two years now, and loves finally living the life of a princess! Back in '13 her foster parents began the patient work of detraumatizing her, so she was willing to be petted by the time I adopted her. However, she was still in high anxiety mode as she began her new life of two walks per day to get into shape. During the next six months she transformed from a tense, tail-held-high-on-alert dog to the relaxed, friendly dog she really is. The neighbor kids love to pet her, and she is comfortable now around the dogs she knows.

She learned that sleeping on the couch and the bed are heaven, and she cuddles with me frequently. Bev went from being a dog who didn't know how to use that smart Lab brain of hers to learning Konnichiwa! and several other tricks, and she has grown to actually like the cats too.

Bev has aged a lot this year--she's elevenish, but she still loves her twice daily, if shorter and slower, walks. She gets a little stiff and sometimes needs help getting up on the wooden floors, but she trusts us 100% to lift up that big tummy of hers. Bev is our wondergirl! 

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