Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy Ending Update for Elk (formerly Brenna, adopted 9/2015)

Update Received 12/2015: Thought I'd send an update on Elk, who I adopted as Brenna (Bree) in September. She has been doing very well. She seems like she has really settled in at this point. We weren't sure how she would be with the cat at first, but she does quite an excellent job of being respectful of the cat's space.

We've been going to K9Coach's level one obedience class for the past few weeks and I am thinking we might try their agility class this next summer. We've been working on getting her used to having guests over and so long as she doesn't get nervous she doesn't feel the need to herd and nip at guests around the house. She is also learning to walk on a loose leash and has just gotten the hang of sitting down on walks anytime I stop walking and only needs a few reminders to walk next to me instead of trying to be way in front. In the summer and fall she would run along with my bike in the mornings, (I bought one of the bike leashes that mounts to your seat post so they can't pull you over) but now that it's gotten cold we just do a walk and then games and training in the house before I head to work. After we get some decent snow this winter I plan on getting her a harness and giving Skijoring a try.

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