Sunday, December 20, 2015

Happy Ending Update for Bella (Formerly Goldie, Adopted 9/2014)

Update Received Novemer 2015:   We had lost our beloved dog Daisy July of 2014. I knew we were eventually going to get another. We were thinking of the following spring or summer.  We happened to be out shopping for a birthday card when we came upon the adoption day at Petco in Eden Prairie. My husband said "You don't want to look at those dogs over there, do you?" Well that was the beginning. I saw Bella she was so cute just sitting there with her foster mother. It was love at first sight. Then I remember my cats. Thank God she said that Bella did like cats. Then she told me that Bella did have lyme disease. Well I was already in love with her. And I researched lyme disease and it’s not a death sentence. It’s actually not that big of I deal. Like a cold sometimes you have symptom sometimes you don't. They treat with antibiotics.

Well, we have had her a little over a year now. She is so sweet. She loves her sisters, the cats Poozie and Princess. She actually licks them really gently. Loves people and other dogs. She goes to the dog park every weekend and gets two walks a day. We are so happy with our Bella.

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