Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy Ending Update for Charlie (Formerly Eli, Adopted 12/2016)

Charlie enjoying the holiday season with his new family!

Happy Ending Update for Gracie (Formerly Minnie, Adopted 11/2016)

Gracie is enjoying her first holiday season with her new family!  All Dog Rescue helped make our holidays just a little brighter this year!

Happy Ending Update for Cash (Adopted 3/2014)

Just a little update on our beloved Cash.   He is living the good life!   He goes swimming everyday. He is very smart and funny.  I don't think he could have a better life.  For being a bigger dog he needs a lot of exercise. 

Happy Ending Update for Bella (Formerly Pixie, Adopted 7/2016)

We renamed Pixie, Bella and it fits her to a "T"! She's very snuggly, playful and happy. She has also finally taught Pancho how to play!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Happy Ending Update for Zamboni (Formerly Popeye, Adopted 6/2015)

Zamboni passed his Canine Good Citizen test a few weeks ago!

Happy Ending Update for June (Formerly Martini, Adopted 6/2015)

We brought home our lab mix, June, about a year ago when she was eight weeks old.  She has grown into a lovely dog and we think she is the best. Her favorite activities are hiking, going to the dog park, lounging at home, and trying to play with our two cats.  In the winter, she loved the snow and never missed an opportunity to join us on the cross-country ski trail. Now that it's summer, she takes every chance to get in the water and even jumps off the dock at the lake.
She has a voracious appetite and is quite an athlete, but has remained a petite 45 pounds or so. She gets to go on lots of adventures and is well-behaved and adaptable to new situations. She is friendly and eager to meet new dogs and people, especially kids.  Most importantly, she is a sweet, loyal, and much loved family member.

Thanks to All Dog Rescue and especially her foster mom for helping us connect with June!

Happy Ending Update for Ruby (Adopted 2/2012)

We just had Ruby’s DNA completed. One parent was a Alaskan Malamute/lab mix and the other parent was a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrior/Collie/German Shepard. She’s the best dog!!